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RegexBuilder is a simple tool which helps developers to create and test regular expressions.
RegexBuilder is free and it comes with no warranty. You may use it at your own risk.

System Requirements:


As soon as you type a character into any of the text boxes the entered text gets validated against the regular expression.

The Result is displayed as background color of the validated text box immediately.

If you enter a Regular Expression which has a syntax error this is displayed with a different color:

If you want to keep an eye on your code while creating or testing regular expressions you can make use of the Always on top/opacity feature:

Unfortunately I don't know if this is supported in operating systems prior to Windows 2000.

User Comments

That is a really cool little tool, just saved me hours of frustration!
Richard H. from Andover, UK

I am a software engineer in central Pennsylvania, and have used it every day for the past week. I was put on a project that requires some fairly clever regular expression work, and I could not have done in without your application.
Steven B.

this nifty little tool makes it trivial to render down a complex phrase into broad rules to get around spammers' word munging techniques Chris, Sydney, AU

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